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Software Development: Our team creates custom software that will run the functions and features your company needs to make projects, programs, products operate efficiently.  There are many different programming languages, and Secord has in depth knowledge on building the right program in the right language for your particular objective.  Below you will find some of the languages we use, databases we design, and other engineering services we provide:


Programming Languages
  • .Net (ASP.Net, VB.Net, C#.Net)
  • Java
  • C/C++
  • PHP
  • Perl
  • Visual Basic
  • Linux
  • PostScript
  • PDF
  • Assembly
Market Segments
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Educational
  • Government
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Postgres
  • Microsoft Access
  • Oracle
Engineering Services
  • Technical Document Authoring
  • Telematics
  • Automotive Diagnostics, CAN, J1939
  • PC and Server Virtualization
  • Product Life Cycle
  • Embedded Solutions
  • LabView
  • PIC / Microprocessor programming
  • Electronic Design and Engineering


Green electronic board illuminated from bottom

Hardware Design: Developing the right hardware solution can make the all the difference in how a product can operate.  Our hardware services include Chip design, when you need a particular embedded solution to operate within a set of parameters.  Secord can help design the whole circuit board and all of it’s component parts that your project will need to function at an optimal level.  Over the years we have designed boards for many customers, and as the technology moves forward, Secord and it’s suppliers can build the right hardware solutions for your company.

Internet of Things: Connectivity to products is all the rage, and the future.  As people are more and more connected to their smartphones, it’s become a device to control nearly everything in your life.  The vast amount of products out there that we have enjoyed for so many years are taking a more digital path, whereby circuit boards, chips and apps will connect your home, auto, life, anIOTd work, and this movement of the Internet of Things really bridges all of these devices, components, products, to each other.  As we see advancements in product development, and the launch of new products that are internet driven, will become a standard.

Secord is here to help you transition your idea, your product, or process to the Internet of Things.  We have the know how and the experience to transcend your company to the Internet of Things where if desired can be accessed by the web, phone, or proprietary system.


Telematics: With the advancement of tracking any device, any vehicle, and connecting it with GPS tracking using our global satellite systems Secord stands at the forefront of connecting your concept to a traceable world.  Many service providers don’t have the know how and the experience to make these devices connect.  Imagine tracking any product or unit of any type with a software program to help you solve complex problems and challenges.  We use state of the art technology and engineering services that build those bridges that make telematics work.  In this industry, there is a fluid way to identify the data, and then compile that data, and then integrate it into a system that will help you be more efficient, cut costs, and even make more profits.


Cloud: We use the cloud how it was meant to be used, with special encrypted technology that connects your information safely.  At Secord Solutions, we pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge to bridge your future cloud services needs.  Our specialty is to identify where the cloud points are, and what will need to access the cloud, and most importantly how and when it will access the cloud.  We build programs and systems that will give you the right choice every time, for different situations.  Lastly, we merge the data you need, to where you need it that data, and then create custom software to integrate the process, product or system, so that what you need to talk to, is available and will deliver the results when and where you need them to be delivered in a way that is consistent with your companies goals.


Chip to App: Apps have become one of the most used words on our planet, and for good reason.  Apps have the ability to control and operate websites, drones, homes and more.  The application, be it for Android or Iphone has become the newest most mobile way to control operations.  This is precisely the reason Secord has invested so much into bridging the existing to the future. This new world we are all entering / have entered gives us so much ability to control our environment.  Our services look to connect the most effecient chip or circuit to an app.  This process involves all the steps of our experience, the hardware design, the digital logic, the software that will communicate with and integrate all the data, from an embedded firmware to the app.  We call this service ability Chip to App, and Secord has been on the forefront of connecting these technologies by being close with hardware suppliers, advancing our skills in software and mobile solutions that connect your idea to a process, to a system and making that system be accountable for the data and the functionality of the app.


Embedded Firmware:  Embedded has been in play for many years, and has now found a resurgence of activity and interest due to all of the new connectivity possibilities.  Embedded Firmware directs the hardware & software with operations that are necessary for products functions.  These kernels of code have to be just right, with just the right amount of code to be efficient and make the process of that piece operate correctly.  Firmware is an essential piece to a puzzle, that is now gone full circle.  Secord Solutions is one of a few players in this market that can bring Chip to App technology together and give you a complete solution.

Secord Solutions knows that there are projects, programs, and products that might be in a hold position, because the company may not have the right skills available to complete the project or process for it to operate.  Please call on us to discuss where you are with your process and we can come in and help complete your engineering objective.

Rapid Prototype

Many benefits can come from creating a prototype early in the design process. Rapid prototyping can help verify a design, communicate an idea and fix design issues early in the development process preventing costly changes to the hard tool once the product is in full production. Creating a physical model also helps potential investors and customers better visualize the product at hand, leading to further investment in the product before it goes to market. We us 3d Printing and CNC milling to create near production quality prototypes.