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We serve a wide variety of industries, because the technologies we use operate most of what the future will bring.  When you consider the wide range of possible products, and how everything is connected, and then bring that thought back to the core technology driving that product, component or system, it will most typically run on one of the platforms we use on a daily basis.  Be it a better faster hardware solution for a medical device, we can design a circuit or chip that will optimize the communication.  Should you be in the military industry, and you need a software solution that will access multiple data points and connect them all to one place, then we can write the code to put all of those touch-points into a dashboard that will help you deliver the right solution.

Computerized systems have been around for many years, and overtime, with advancement in technology parts and pieces have become smaller, and that language to communicate even more sophisticated.  However, at the core is to understand the purpose, the goal, and the path.  Secord thrives, because we understand our clients needs. By listening, researching, and developing, our engineers are better at the work at hand. This is critical when it comes to Industrial Automation and Autonomous Vehicles where every single process, of possibly millions of combinations, has to work perfectly.

Consumers now expect a connected world on most all of their products, this space being called the Internet of Things or ( IoT ).  This concept, which is not really new at all, but is now coming to fruition.  With smartphones now at high concentration within the global population, apps on our phones are connecting homes, cars, and even toasters to apps.  This next frontier will tie the person with nearly any product, anywhere.  Secord Solutions brings this ability to our clients we can bring your consumer product alive from designing the chip to connecting the mobile app to run your product.

Automotive & Autonomous Vehicles : Over the years our team has developed a knowledge within automotive that few companies possess.  Our focus is to help automotive suppliers connect their components to a smarter car of the future.  There are thousands of parts connected to vehicles and not all of them need digital logic to connect them to the on board range-rover-Head-Up-Display-tvojauto.ru_computerized system, however more and more component parts are being called to respond to the system or user.  Secord believes that with the right hardware and software design, we can help most any component part become connected and be a part of the computerized system.

The automotive industry is moving so fast, that manufacturers are pushing and pushing for the latest technologies that will give their vehicles a competitive advantage in the marketplace.  Secord offers a simple way to integrate your goals into embedded firmware, or connect and design the right hardware within your objective, that could make the difference that so many manufacturers are looking for on a daily basis.

Much of what has driven change in the automobile has been new technology, where vehicle wifi is an increasing standard in every vehicle, real time data can now be accessible to manufacturers and users on how the vehicle is performing and what information can do to improve the next time you drive.  Even insurance companies are taping into the on board system, by accessing driving information from their customers to understand their customers behaviors.  When it comes to our vehicles, we Americans love them, and getting more and more out of them.  This has spun new and improved ways to access customer behavior.

Autonomous Vehicles are changing the way we view the future, by offering us a way to move around on call and anywhere we are.  This shift began long ago, but was slow to emerge, the on-demand economy has fueled us to see that we can get more, and actually drive less.  Secord Solutions wants to help your company be apart of the autonomous vehicle future.  We are working with key hardware suppliers, and we understand the challenges and the core to integrate your component parts to the autonomous vehicle future.

Medical and Science:

The Medical Industry consistently pushes the envelope on technology. Demanding and leading the next generation of products and vigiliant about gathering data, and using data to offer the best solutions to patients, doctors, and the industry.

The medical industry needs precise data and are expecting this ability, for manufactures to move their product into the connected future

Hospitals, labs, doctors and patients are expecting smarter products from their suppliers, where each product will be able to talk to each other, and operate from multiple interfaces.

In the medical industry it is critical that data is correct, that all of the component parts can talk to each other digitally, and Secord can be your conduit for you to get the technical expertise to help you create, adjust, correct or complete you product.

No matter where your product and what specific niche it serves in the medical industry, know that Secord Solutions can help connect it to the future.