Dynamic Graphic Capture

Dynamic Graphic Capture is a program written for neuropsychologists to actually capture a patients’ drawing process so that it can be played back to again watch the dynamics of exactly how the patient went about drawing or writing something, e.g., RCFT / Taylor, clock, diminished motor control, etc. The play-back provides the capacity literally “see” how the patient went about the drawing: the order, direction, speed, hesitations or other nuances that aid in the diagnosis.

Secord Solutions in collaboration with Philip Liethen, Ph.D., ABN, has created a system that will capture most any graphic rendering using a computer, standard paper & clipboard, and a pen digitizer. The resultant capture will create a standard video file that can be watched on any computer, preserved with the patient’s other files, can e-mailed to consultants, and played back for teaching demonstrations.

If the video does not start, click play to see a sample play-back.

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